His name is Chris Phoebus and he just returned from the uk after dropping his debut album in London. He has been very active in Ghana entertainment industry for a while now of which he drop few singles and got roles in few movies.

   Chris Phoebus an international recording artist of Ghana decent was spotted on multi tv last weekend premiering one of the songs BLEOO from his album dubbed PROPHECY. Yes I was thrilled from lyrics to composition down to vocal delivery then Susuka by KINATA came to mind, This is a blow I said after listening to BLEOO by Chris Phoebus and carefully studying the visuals it came with.

      Ghana got clean and pure talents yes and Kinaata’s SUSUKA is not as heavy as we received it after listening to this wonderful masterpiece from the CEO of Fmf ENtertainment. All I can say is let’s support good music and let’s all listen to BLEOO and drop our candid opinions. Enjoy, like and SHARE.


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