Over many decades, we have connected the atoms of the world with every
first move of life and this has earned us a tradition we call
civilization. Like species of ingenuity, our tradition have created a
pathway into the future through Creative Humanity Engineering
Sustainable Societies (CHESS), taking away the crude obsoletes and
giving way for the dynamics of the New Age. When we emphasize the need
for human creativity, we are merely consciously redefining our essence
in a way we could ever fathom possible as all proactive elements of
the Global Goals are nothing but a neural pathway to a wonderful world
we never imagined. Every move we have made as a people has urged us on
even though we have failed many times. Similarly, the global goals may
not be an immaculate concept or an elixir to heal a broken world but
it is a creative ideology that can help our world to heal itself. It
may not be a religious philosophy strong enough to correct the vices
of a morally decaying world, but it will be a natural strategy that
will help us to checkmate our moral imbalances through the adoption of
Strong Justice system and institutions. The Global goals may not give
us a perfect world out of fantasy, I know it will surely demonstrate
the ingenuity in us if we can create the future we want using a kingly
innovative and sustainable means.

The cure to all socio-economic and civil ills and instabilities are
entrenched in the dogma of the SDGs, telling us that all these chaotic
phenomenon are simply “unbalanced equations” with a formula. And the
moment we discover this inherent secret, we will be truly free,
establishing peace as a system and as a structure.
The world desperately need amazing people, with amazing potential, not
just to fly but flying without wings, potentials to turn nights to
day, potentials to open the eyes of the blind, potential to set the
captives free; intellectuals that sets the world on fire. The world
needs people who have walked through the nights to conquer the day.
This is the spirit of the global goals and the phenomenon is on the
CHESS board.

Alo Oluwafemi (National coordinator)
Legends International Chess Foundation (LCIF)

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