A hip hop sensation called HotBoy DNA whose musical talent has been sought by many talent houses both locally and internationally has decided to finally burst into the music scene. But with an entirely different and positive approach as compared to his colleagues.

He is introducing himself with a song of gratitude to all the bloggers who have been supporting artistes to get their works to the masses. Unlike most who will send a message “please post for me and send me the link”, HotBoy DNA has blessed them with a song in recognition of their work and the huge part they play in the music scene.

He has titled the song “BLOGGERS DEY BE” a pidgin phrase that means bloggers are “sweet” or great people. He has in his catalogue a follow up song with the same motive intended to do same for DJs and the third for major players in the music and entertainment industry before he releases his main songs.

The song, though made for bloggers does not come short of a classic hip hop tune fused with Ghanaian pidgin everyone can vibe to. It was produced by the fast rising producer Slo Dezzy of Lil Win’s “Mama Boss Papa” and “I Don’t Think Far” fame. It will be released on the 25 February 2017. Let’s wait and experience real talent in a matter of days.

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